Bikes on Tour

Traveling with You

Travel is my passion coupled with creating art from the photographs I collect in those travels.

I invite you to come along with me. We’ll go to some fun places, maybe find some hidden treasures, find the things NOT to do, and just have fun.

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The smouldering Mt Etna

Making Art from Travels

Art is the coupled passion with travel. Each place we go, I take some photos with the intent of turning them into art work, and making them available for viewing – or if you feel so moved, you can adopt a piece or two.

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Temple to Concordia

Creating the Best Photos

Do you ever go on vacation and take photos of magnificent things, but the photos just don’t capture what you saw?
I can help.
I offer bits on the elements of composition, basic methods of photo enhancement and the like.

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A Window Seat

I’ve been a photographer for many years, a writer for about 8, and an artist for the last several, all wound together in chasing “the image”.

Whether it is a personal image, a family portrait, vacation photos, a resume, press release or article I was hired to do, it all has to do with the IMAGE; the way you and I portray ourselves to the world.

Sharing my travels, photos, artwork and writing, I hope, is a pleasant experience for you. You might learn something that you can use and at the very least, you’ll see some great art.

I am a past president of the Professional Photographers Society of New York state. This organization has provided amazing training to both myself and all of its members in photography, art, techniques and marketing. I owe them a great debt. These debts are paid back best, by sharing the knowledge and joy of art with others.

Image captured on our approach to Milan

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This blog is quite new, and I’m getting used to how it operates. Until I force the web to my will, please visit www.monroephoto.art, and sign up using the menu that will drop down in about 10 seconds. And look around. I’ll bet you find something that speaks to you.