The Call of the Outer Banks

Quiet Day at the Beach

We wake up slowly to the smell of fresh coffee and the gentle sound of surf just outside the window. Slowly, we pour the elixir of life into our mugs and wander to the deck to watch the sea birds fishing and the dolphins playing in the gentle waves. I wish every morning could be this idyllic.

Vacations, for many of us, didn’t happen this year. It caused (and continue to cause) a desperate need to escape to a different scene, preferably with friends.

Our besties from Virginia Beach were stymied in their annual trip to Big Moose Lake in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, and were suffering from cabin fever.

New York and its unreasonable quarantine pronouncements spawned an idea – how about we all go to North Carolina’s Outer Banks for a few days. We all needed a refresher…

Miles had a place in mind, The Sea Ranch in Kill Devil Hills – right on the beach. Two bedrooms, two baths, no real frills but a decent restaurant on site. The perfect place to escape from the psychotic rants of politicians.

I don’t think the TV went on at all that week. Time was filled with a sailboat ride on the “Downeast Rover”, a visit to the Wright Memorial, the Hatteras Lighthouse and many delightful restaurants. I’d like to compliment Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint, where some of the best hamburgers in the world live. Their onion rings pass muster as well. Miller’s Waterfront Restaurant also was far above the normal fare. We had to wait about an hour to get in, but the wait was very worth it.

COVID had put only a small crimp in the tourism. The single biggest COVID disappointment was that the Wright Memorial museum and gift shop was closed. Of course we discovered this after we had paid the entrance fee.

Even when there was relaxing down time, there were things to do. After dark we went down to the beach with lanterns to watch the ghost crabs scurry over the sand. Walking on the beach at night is a combination of peaceful and scary. The sound of the surf in the black night let us know the power of nature just a few steps away.

So go ahead. Plan your escape. Get out of town for a bit and rediscover a little bit of joy. I’ll attach a few links here to get you started! After all, the Outer Banks are within reach. Excellent food with a Caribbean flair. The best burgers. Period. The Waterfront Style Scallops – ohh myy… Wild horse tours. Guides have a great sense of humor. Sailing the Outer Banks. Peaceful!

Lots more to see and do on the Outer Banks. Go! Explore!

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